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The shower, a daily ritual and a place where we are free to be ourselves. Everything we do, is often reflection of who we are, including the psychology of how we shower. What do your shower habits reveal about you? Which Shower Archetype are you?

The Escapist

The shower cleanses your body but also your mind. A place that you can escape to and rely on to create an influential shift in pace whilst encouraging an emotional transition to mark the end of a busy day.

The Nurturer

You like to linger in the shower and take your time to nurture your body and reconnect to your true, natural self. You understand the importance of devoting moments of time to yourself every day in order to nourish your body and soul.

The Thinker

A time for you to be fully immersed in your own thoughts and focus your mind away from distractions. For you, the shower is a time for clarity where you often identify creative solutions to problems, be inspired or reflect on the day’s events.

The Energiser

Short, sharp, to the point, with the power to transform. You don’t hang around for long in the shower but use it as an invigorating wake-up to prepare you for the day ahead.


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