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The Natural Sea Sponge Company is the largest importer and Manufacturer of Natural Sea Sponges in the U.K

Our Story

The Natural Sea Sponge Company has a rich heritage in embracing the traditional methods of sea sponge fishing and manufacturing. After many years of trading, we became a limited company in 1996 and continue to be fully committed to maintaining the high standards of the industry in order to bring you the finest, ethically sourced sea sponges. We offer an extensive selection of sea sponge varieties and distribute world-wide.

Responsible Sourcing

We work closely with registered divers in Greece and Tunisia to ensure that our sea sponges are carefully harvested with minimal disturbance to their natural environment. Our sponges are cut by hand in order to preserve the vital root system which promotes and supports the regenerative process of new, healthier, stronger sponges.

Our sponges are carefully inspected and certified by The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Hand Processed

Our Natural Sea Sponges undergo a 42 stage production process by hand using traditional methods, the majority of which is carried out in our U.K Warehouse. We take great pride in applying uncompromising standards for quality control to ensure that our sponges reach you in optimum condition.

The Hydréa London Brand

The Natural Sea Sponge Company launched their affiliate brand, Hydréa London in 1997. A brand born to create consciously crafted bodycare product innovations whilst sharing the same guiding principles for sourcing as The Natural Sea Sponge Company. We distribute our Hydréa London products worldwide and have partnered with many established department stores and high-street stores as well as popular online retailers.

We distribute our Natural Sea Sponges through our Hydréa London Brand Worldwide including Europe, United States, Australia, Canada, Asia, Russia, The Middle East and Japan.


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