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With many of us now working from home it is more important than ever to create the right balance between a work and home mindset. Discover our top tips below for a productive day at work whilst still looking after your overall wellbeing.

Regular Breaks

When you work from home it’s all too tempting to skip those mini breaks that you would have naturally taken if you were working in the office. Taking mini breaks helps to support your overall mindset and increase productivity. Just a few minutes away from your work task or away from your desk or screen can make all the difference.

Food & Drink

Remember that you need to refuel your body in order to be able to concentrate. Make sure that you drink plenty water. Water delivers nutrients to the brain so when you are fully hydrated you will be more focussed and experience greater clarity and creativity. Snack on healthy foods to help you sustain your energy levels. Almonds are packed with healthy fats and give you that protein boost without feeling sluggish. One banana is enough to give you your daily glucose hit!

Lunchtime Exercise

We are all guilty of working through our lunch break, but this can actually hinder your productivity. Getting outside in the fresh air on your lunch break and taking a walk is associated with a multitude of benefits for both your physical and mental health. It can boost serotonin levels, which is the hormone that stabilises our mood and feelings of wellbeing. As well as improving your basic fitness, walking also gives you some much needed headspace away from your work and can help to reduce anxiety levels and release tension and sets you in a positive mindset for the afternoon ahead of you.

Work to Home Transition

When you work from home it can be hard to zone out at the end of the day. It’s easy for the boundaries to become blurred, which makes it even harder to switch off and relax. A simple ritual such as having a bath, or a shower at the end of the working day can help create an influential shift in your mind mood. An escapism that encourages a change of pace to mark the transition between work and home life. Or perhaps it’s about changing into some lounge wear or calling a family member or friend.


And finally. We are all made accessible with modern technology and whilst this of course has its benefits, if you’re struggling to switch off from work, then it won’t help to read that email at 10pm before bedtime. Try to have a set time that you either switch your mobile phone off or silence emails. On some phones you can activate the ‘Do not Disturb’ mode but allow your favourite numbers to contact you such as family and friends. Whilst this is not always possible every day of the week, no one is expected to be 100% contactable all the time, so don’t feel guilty about it as your mind health is extremely important. Happy Mind = Happy Life.


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