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Premium Olive Wood Facial Brush – Super Soft Exfoliating Natural Bristle


Our Premium Facial Brush is carefully crafted with sustainably sourced Olive Wood which boasts a beautiful distinctive grain. This brush is an ideal introduction to dry facial brushing as the natural bristles are super soft and gentle.

Natural Bristle | Super Soft Bristles | Premium Range

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  • Aids the lymphatic system to help release impurities
  • Naturally stimulates the circulatory system
  • Helps to flush skin tissue with essential nutrients
  • Smoother, softer, brighter skin tone
  • Promotes a healthy skin cell turnover
  • Relaxes and relieves facial tension

Additional Information

Length: 15cm Width: 4.7cm
Depth: 2cm Weight: 50g

Wood: Olive
Bristle: Goats Hair

Brush Care
Tap the brush to remove skin debris and handwash in warm soapy water. Shake out excess and leave to dry naturally with the bristles facing down on a dry surface.

How to Use: Dry Facial Brushing
1. Use on clean, dry skin
2. Begin at your neckline, brush towards the collar bone
3. Brush down from the neck in long smooth strokes
4. Use short upwards flicking motions on the jawline
5. Use upwards and outwards strokes on the chin and cheeks
6. Brush upward from each side of the nose
7. Gently brush around the outer eye area in circular motions
8. Use short upward strokes on the brow area
9. On the forehead brush outwards from the centre

Do not use on broken or damaged skin.


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