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Natural Baby Hair Brush – FSC® Certified Beechwood with Ultra-Soft Bristle


Our Natural Baby Brush is carefully crafted with FSC® Certified Beechwood and made especially for babies with extra soft and gentle natural bristle to help care for baby’s hair and scalp.

Naturally Soft | FSC® Certified Beechwood

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  • Helps Cradle Cap
  • Tames Flyaway hair
  • Relaxing

Additional Information

Length: 16cm Width: 4.4cm
Depth: 3.8cm Weight: 37g

Wood: Beechwood – FSC® Certified
Bristle: Goats Hair

Brush Care
Hand wash the bristles occasionally in warm water and baby shampoo. Rinse well and leave to air dry naturally with the bristles facing down.

How to Use
Gently brush your baby’s hair as required.


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