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Exfoliate and wash away impurities with our Dual Sided Back Exfoliator.

Carefully crafted with Natural Loofah for deep exfoliation and combined with a reverse side featuring soft Bamboo Cotton Fabric for everyday gentle cleansing and body polishing. Ergonomically designed with Natural Bamboo Handles for ease of use so you can cleanse and exfoliate your body including difficult to reach areas such as your back, neck and shoulders.

Dual Sided | Vegan | Bamboo Handles

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  • Deep Exfoliation
  • Designed to use on hard to reach areas
  • Smoother, softer, brighter skin tone
  • Removes impurities and cleans pores
  • Encourages healthy skin cell turnover

Additional Information

Length: 78cm (Including Handles)
Width: 11.5cm
Depth: 0.8cm

Loofah: 100% Natural, Handles: 100% Bamboo
Fabric: 60% Bamboo, 40% Cotton

Back Strap Care
After use, hand rinse thoroughly with cool water and gently squeeze out all excess water and hang to dry using the hand straps.

How to Use
1. Use is the bath or shower.
2. Wet the backstrap and use with your favourite cleansing product
3. Use sweeping side to side motions with desired pressure.
4. Finish by rinsing skin in lukewarm water.

Do not use on sensitive areas or broken skin.


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