Part of The Natural Sea Sponge Company Ltd.



Hydréa London was born in 1996. Founded with a natural spirit and defined by our passion to create Innovative Natural Bodycare Products with a focus on unmatched quality.

Our Journey

Hydréa London originated from The Natural Sea Sponge Company where we initially specialised in traditionally sourcing and manufacturing high quality, natural sea sponges. Over the years we have designed and developed a diverse collection of high-quality body and skincare product innovations. We enjoy working with a variety of brands and businesses within the health and beauty industry and strive to become the leading manufacturer of Natural Body Care Products.

Guiding Principles

We set extremely high standards throughout, from sourcing raw materials, product design, product creation through to the manufacturing process. We are fully committed to product performance with exceptional attention to detail and are dedicated to exploring innovative, eco-friendly and sustainable materials with the intention of delivering superior quality. These core guiding principles serve as the foundation upon which our business is built.

Our offices, warehouse and manufacturing facilities are based in Berkshire within the UK and span over 11,000 square feet.


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