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Olive Wood Facial Brush

August 4, 2014

Olive trees grow and thrive for many hundreds of years. It is quite rare to find brushes made of olive wood for this reason. As the fruit of the trees is more valued than the wood itself, we only use wood from Mediterranean olive trees that have reached the end of their fruitful life. Olive wood has a rich distinctive grain and unique personality…  more…

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With soft to medium strength pony mane bristle, ideal for gently exfoliating away dead skin cells while stimulating the circulation and the lymph nodes for healthier skin and a radiant glow. 
How to use: Use wet with your favourite cleansing product, or dry and brush the face in small circular movements. 
Care: To clean the brush wash with a cleansing product like shampoo and leave to air dry with the bristles facing down. 
Wood: Olive 
Bristles:Pony mane Hair (Medium –Soft) 

Code: WOF1GH

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