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Responsibly sourcing, care, fairness, respect for our suppliers and the environment is a fundamental part of our business.

Naturally Kind

Our raw, natural materials are responsibly sourced and carefully harvested with minimal disturbance to their natural habitat with a focus on regeneration. We are cruelty free. None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals and we offer a diverse vegan collection.

Community Support

We continue to support local communities in areas of Greece and Tunisia where our sea sponges are traditionally harvested. We believe in fairness, which is why a large proportion of our brushes are made by craftspeople with disabilities or impairments.

We continually strive to be more conscientious of our impact on the world we live in and adapt to create positive change.

Natural Sea Sponges

We traditionally source our sea sponges through registered and licensed professionals. Our sea sponges are carefully harvested to ensure minimal disturbance to their natural environment and cut by hand with a focus on preserving the vital root system which promotes and supports the natural regenerative process of new, healthier, stronger sponges.


Before our raw sponges are exported they are carefully inspected and certified by The Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery.

Organic Loofah

Our Organic Egyptian Loofah collection is crafted with organically farmed Loofah that has been grown in Egypt where the nature of the land produces a high-quality loofah with a distinct loose weave with thick, flexible fibres that expand when wet for a naturally effective, deep exfoliation experience. Loofah is cultivated from the fast growing, edible Luffa Plant which is related to the cucumber family.


Sisal Fibre

Our Natural Sisal Mitts and Brushes are carefully crafted with sisal fibre which is derived from the Agave Plant and gathered with minimal environmental impact. The ripe leaves are carefully harvested by hand with a focus on plant regeneration to maximise plant life. The coarse fibre is then extracted from the leaves to produce a stiff, yet durable, non-static fibre.


Our Loofah and Sisal raw materials are inspected by the National Plant Protection Organisation to ensure that it conforms to plant health regulations.

Moso Bamboo Fabric

Our Bamboo Bodycare range is blended with extra soft bamboo fabric which is derived from Moso Bamboo. Bamboo thrives naturally without the need for chemicals and is a sustainable and eco-friendly resource. When harvested the root system is left untouched to allow for rapid regeneration. Bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide and releases more oxygen than an equivalent mass of trees.


FSC® Certified Beechwood Brushes

The Beechwood for our brushes is from a sustainable and renewable resource and is FSC® Certified, which is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting responsible forestry and social standards. This means that we comply with the highest social and environmental standards on the market and you can be confident that buying our products won’t harm the world’s forests.


Beechwood is a high-quality wood, renowned for its strength and durability, therefore maximising product life.

Olive Wood Brushes

Our Olive Wood Brushes have a rich, distinctive grain which makes each piece unique. This beautiful wood has a natural caramel tone and holds anti-bacterial properties as well as being stain and dirt resistant. We sustainably source our olive wood from Mediterranean olive trees that have reached the end of their natural fruit giving life and have been replaced with younger more productive trees.


Our Walnut Wood Brush Range is ethically sourced from well managed plantations in North California.


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