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Your skin acts as the protective barrier between the outside and inside of your body. It deserves to be nurtured.

Skin Wellness

Our range of body brushes work to promote and stimulate your skin’s instinctive functions and capabilities, resulting in optimum skin wellness for a beautiful, radiant glow. Dry body brushing naturally encourages blood flow to the surface of the skin which flushes the skin with essential nutrients whilst assisting detoxification and enhancing a healthy skin cell turnover.


The Perfect Base

Body Brushing conditions and primes the skin to help create the perfect base for body lotion application ensuring enhanced effectiveness and benefits.


Method | Dry Body Brushing

Step 1

Dry Body Brush in the morning for an invigorating and energising start to the day.

Step 2

Stand in the bath or shower, without the water on as your skin needs to be dry.

Step 3

Begin at the soles of your feet and legs. Apply light pressure whilst using sweeping motions, brushing up towards your heart. Be careful not to scrub the skin, let the brush do the work.

Step 4

Continue working over your entire body, always working towards the heart.

Step 5

Use small circular motions on the abdomen and chest.

Step 6

Finishing by rinsing off your body with luke warm water to wash away the dead skin cells. Tap the brush to remove skin debris and store away from moisture.


Consider your skin type when choosing your body brush. Each of our body brushes has been given an exfoliation strength to help guide your choice. Beginners should always try a softer bristle. Do not use your body brush on sensitive areas or broken skin.

Benefits | Dry Body Brushing

Lymphatic Support

The Lymphatic system is a vital part of the body’s circulatory system and immune system. Dry body brushing can boost your lymph system by eliminating impurity build up on the surface of the skin and increasing lymphatic drainage.


Applying a gentle pressure whilst brushing removes dead skin cells, unblock pores prevents ingrowing hairs and encourages healthy skin cell turnover.

Natural Energy Boost

For an uplifting start to the day try dry body brushing first thing in the morning before your shower. Because dry body brushing stimulates the circulatory system and blood flow it provides an energising boost to the skin, body and mind.

Brush Care | Dry Body Brushing

After each use always tap the brush to remove dead skin debris.

Deep clean the brush occasionally by hand in warm soapy water. Rinse and shake well to remove excess water and air dry with the bristles facing down.



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