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How To: Dry Body Brush

June 17, 2019

Like most beauty trends, there have been some pretty big claims made about dry body brushing. Some people swear that just 5 minutes a day is all you need for smooth and glowing skin. Dry body brushing is the kind of thing most of us begin with good intentions, and then forget about. Do you have a body brush sitting in a cupboard somewhere? You won’t be alone! However, when it comes to beauty treatments, dry body brushing offers remarkable results.


This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to improve your skin tone and well-being. It is an ancient practice brushing the whole body with repetitive strokes using a dry natural bristle brush to remove dead skin cells while stimulating the blood flow and the lymph nodes to deliver nutrients to the skin and banish waste and toxins from the body. All for a few minutes a day? – We think its definitely worth a try!



Brushing Tips

This is best carried out before a bath or shower so you can wash off the impurities. Starting at the feet, brush in long strokes up the legs and then concentrate on brushing your hands and up your arms. Repeat these brush strokes 7 times. When brushing your chest and upper back, focus the strokes towards your heart. Brush in circular motions over the abdomen. Do not use on sensitive areas or broken skin.


The whole routine should take about 5-10 minutes. If you are new to body brushing try light strokes first and build up to harder strokes as the skin gets more used to it. For very sensitive skin it may be preferable to start with a softer natural bristle and work up towards the coarser cactus. For best results, follow this with a massage with one of our specially designed cellulite massagers – it really is so simple and effective!




Post-Brushing Body Care

After your body brushing, jump in the shower to cleanse away any dead skin cells. Make sure you moisturise well afterwards to soothe skin and replenish moisture. Use a hydrating moisturiser or oil to give your skin hydration all day.


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