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Why Self-Care Is So Important – Mental Health Awareness Week

October 11, 2019

Self-care is a popular topic nowadays. So what actually is it, and why is it so important? There are many different self-care practises, but not all of them will suit everyone.

Self-care is a very broad term that incorporates anything to do with being kind to yourself. It’s partly knowing about when you are running low, and taking a step back to regain your energy rather than letting it all drain away. However, not everything that makes us feel good is self-care. I’m sure we have all been tempted to use unhealthy coping mechanisms like alcohol and over-eating to help us with our challenging emotions, but the relief is only temporary.

This week is mental health awareness week, so speaking about self-care, and looking after yourself is very important. Mental health problems can affect anyone, any day of the year, so it’s important to speak about your feelings and be kind to yourself.




Benefits of Self-Care

Better Productivity

When you learn to say no to certain things, you make time for yourself and in turn will be more productive. You give yourself time to relax and think about everything properly, rather than rushing around and becoming stressed.


Enhanced Self-Esteem

When you regularly take time out for yourself, you actually send positive messages to your subconscious. Slowing down and practising self-care can go a long way towards discouraging negative self-talk, resulting in enhanced self-esteem and positive thinking.


More To Give

When you’re good to yourself, you might think you’re being selfish but you’re actually giving yourself the resources to be more compassionate to others. You can’t give compassion to someone if you don’t have enough of your own.

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