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Why Nature is good for Our Mental Health

January 6, 2020

Looking for a simple way to help reduce stress and anxiety, and improve your general mental health?  Take a walk or spend some time amongst nature and refresh your mind!

We all have different experiences of nature, and different reasons for wanting to connect with it.




Nature and Mindfulness

Mindfulness aims to help us improve our mental well-being by helping us to focus on the world around us. Mindfulness encourages us to reconnect with our senses, instead of being stuck in our own heads. Mindfulness can be practised anywhere, but natural environments are effective and open our minds up to be in the present moment.

How much time with nature is enough? Anything from 20 to 30 minutes a few days a week is helpful. The point is to make your time in nature part of a normal lifestyle. It could be something as simple as walking in a park, or going for a run or cycle in the woods.

In urban areas and in the work place our minds are tired due to the effort to hold concentration. In natural settings, there is less need for it and we can let our minds wonder to naturally restore themselves. Finding that bit of green space or spending time in nature may do more than just provide us with an escape from urban life.




Connecting with Nature

Green care, ecotherapy, is one of the most recent methods that individuals are turning to in order to soothe the mind. Nature can provide more than just an escape or some peace, as some studies show that it can help us relax and even bring our heart rates down. Some people even believe that as humans we have an evolutionary genetic attachment to nature, which is why we feel so connected to it.



Reconnecting with Nature through Hydréa London

Ever wondered why we get such happy feelings when we go to the waterfalls, the beach, the mountains, and all the places where everything is in its natural glory? While it is certainly nice to bask in the beauty of nature, there is something in the air that makes us feel so happy…and this is negative ions or Anions.

Cleanse your body and mind. Exfoliate and wash away the impurities of the day and restore your natural balance, with our eco-friendly, Carbonized Bamboo Exfoliating Gloves. Our Gloves are crafted with naturally grown bamboo and designed to harness nature’s ability to detox and soothe the soul. The unique carbonization process creates bamboo charcoal fibres which are renowned for many natural health giving properties such as, helping to boost energy levels, increasing blood circulation, relaxing nerves and improving sleep. The bamboo charcoal also works to disperse the active rays that are generated from modern day electronic devices to leave you feeling naturally restored and refreshed.



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