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January 13, 2020

It’s the start of the new year and another Veganuary is upon us! Veganuary is a campaign set up to encourage people to try being vegan for the month or January. It’s a great way of testing yourself if you have been thinking about becoming vegan in the future. This can involve what you eat, what you wear and what cosmetic and beauty products you use.

How do you know if a beauty product is vegan? There are two ways to determine whether a product is suitable for vegans or not. The first is to check that the product has the Vegan logo on, and the second way is to read the list of ingredients on the products label.



According to The Vegan Society:

50% of adults in the UK practise vegan buying behaviours

19% have cut down on buying meat and are checking cosmetics and toiletries for animal testing

13% actively choose meat-free or dairy-free meals when eating out

51% are happy to see vegan food in shops and restaurants


Veganism seems to be growing in popularity. Individuals participating in Veganuary has doubled each year since the first campaign. In January 2014, 3,300 people took part compared to 168,500 in 2018, according to the official Veganuary campaign. Vegan products have been available for many years, but where they were once confided to small, particular shops, they are not filtering onto the high street and brands are making more conscious efforts to market them more clearly.


Hydréa London Vegan Products

Organic Egyptian Loofah

Cleanse your body and mind. Experience one of nature’s best exfoliators and wash away the impurities of the day, with our eco-friendly, 100% organic and sustainable Egyptian Loofah.

Our Loofah is organically farmed in Egypt, where the nature of the land produces a high quality, luxurious Loofah that is recommended by professionals, for natural, effective skincare. Only the Egyptian Loofah has a loose weave, with thick, flexible fibres that help to create a rich lather, whilst stimulating circulation and cell renewal for healthier, younger looking skin.

Our Organic Egyptian Loofahs are 100% vegan, organic, sustainable and biodegradable.





Professional Dry Body Brush with Cactus Bristle

Revive your natural glow with our Professional Dry Skin Body Brush. Our brush is carefully crafted with FSC® Certified Beechwood and designed with uniquely cut, firm Cactus Bristles that form a soft curve, helping the Brush to glide correctly over your body contours leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and radiant.

Regular body brushing not only exfoliates, it can help to stimulate your lymphatic system which encourages the body to detoxify itself naturally, whilst boosting circulation removing dead skin cells, helping to reduce cellulite and improve skin tone.

Our brush is made from FSC® Certified Beechwood and 100% Cactus bristles, making it a great vegan alternative.





Bath Bombs

Calming Lavender Dream, Fresh Sicilian Lemon + Thyme and Indulgent Wild Rose Infusion are all 100% vegan.

Unwind your senses with our calming effervescent Bath Bomb. Infused with the gentle scent of Lavender, to naturally relax your body and mind.





Invigorate your senses with our fresh and zesty effervescent Bath Bomb. Infused with the scent of Sicilian Lemon and Thyme, to naturally revive your body and mind.





Elevate your senses with our deeply indulgent effervescent Bath Bomb. Infused with the rich scent of Wild Rose to pamper your body and naturally uplift your mind.




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