FSC® Certified
Beechwood Brush

Hydrea London brings you a collection of exceptionally well-made, affordable body brushes made from FSC® certified sustainable beechwood. All our brushes are of the highest quality using specially heat treated timber to prevent cracking and finished with double waxing so they are mould resistant and can easily be used in water, saunas and steam rooms - ideal for professional spa use.
sustainable wood
Tooling for our brushes
Tooling for our brushes
Machinery for inserting the bristles into the brushes
Machinery for inserting the bristles into the brushes
FSC certified European beechwood
FSC® certified European beechwood
What is FSC® certification?
This stands for Forest Stewardship Council. FSC® certified forests are managed to ensure long term timber supplies while protecting the environment and the lives of forest-dependent peoples. The Natural Sea Sponge Company holds the chain of custody number SA-COC-003038 which traces forest products through the supply chain to the end-consumer. Our products carrying this certification number are eco-friendly and have been made from wood that comes from a sustainable and renewable resource.

The different bristles we use
We use different types of natural bristles of varying strengths in our brush range so we have a brush that is suitable for all skin types. All our bristles carry certificates of sanitation.
Cactus Bristle   Cactus bristle - this is the firmest type of bristle available is best used dry. Here at Hydrea we use the finest Mexican Tampico - a type of Cactus which is preferred by therapists and experienced body brushers for dry body brushing treatments as it is the most effective. It has firm, low flex, thicker fibres which improve with age.

Hogs hair
Hogs hair - this is a medium strength bristle which is good for all skin types and it can be used wet or dry. This is a good bristle to start dry body brushing with the aim of progressing to the cactus.
Boar bristle   Boar bristle - this is a strong, good quality bristle often used in hair brushes to stimulate the scalp and clean and condition the hair. Ethcially sourced as the animals are not killed.

Horse hair
Horse hair - this is slightly softer than hog’s hair and again can be used wet or dry. Perfect for gently exfoliating the face.

Goats hair
Goats hair - this is the softest of the bristles and is excellent for use on babies sensitive skin or in facial treatments as it very gently stimulates the delicate facial lymph nodes.

Professional Dry Body Brushing

This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to improve your skin tone and well being. It is an ancient practice brushing the whole body with repetitive strokes using a dry natural bristle brush to remove dead skin cells while stimulating the blood flow and the lymph nodes to deliver nutrients to the skin and banish waste and toxins from the body.

Sustainable Wood 2   Brushing Tips

Brushing tips:
This is best carried out before a bath or shower so you can wash off the impurities. Starting at the feet, brush in long strokes up the legs and then concentrate on brushing your hands and up your arms. Repeat these brush strokes 7 times. When brushing your chest & upper back focus the strokes towards your heart. Brush in circular motions over the abdomen. Do not use on sensitive areas (face) or on broken skin. The whole routine should take about 10- 15 minutes. If you are new to body brushing try light strokes first and build up to harder strokes as the skin gets more used to it. For very sensitive skins it may be preferable to start with a softer natural bristle brush and work up towards the coarser cactus. For best results follow this with a massage with a one of our specially designed cellulite massagers – it is really so simple and effective!

Sustainable wood brushes
body benefits
of dry brushing using Hydrea brushes

• Exfoliates away dead surface cells for silky soft skin.

• Allows active skincare ingredients to penetrate the skin for more hydrated skin.

• Prevents in-growing hairs.

• Prepares the skin for treatments, tanning and can prolong sun tans.

• Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines.

• Cleanses and unblocks pores, removes impurities for brighter and blemish free skin.

• Releases endorphins to reduce stress for a relaxed body and mind.

• Increases energy and helps sleep patterns.

• Tones muscle and tightens the skin.

• Stimulates the lymphatic system to drain toxins away safely from the fatty layers in the skin helping to prevent build up of cellulite and reduce puffiness.

• An efficient lymphatic system helps protect the immune system, improve digestion and reduces puffiness for improved wellbeing and increased energy.

• Stimulates blood circulation to increase oxygen and nutrients to deep skin layers and encourages cell renewal for healthier younger looking skin.

• Accelerates the body's healing process and slows down aging process.

• Excellent as part of a detox programme as it helps flush away toxins.



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