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August 4, 2014

To the Ancient Greeks the sea sponge was known as a ‘Zoofitan’; a unique category, meaning half plant/half animal. Today many zoologists classify sea sponges in an animal sub-kingdom, due to their hermaphroditic ability to reproduce. However, they are distinct from any other animal species because of their ability to also asexually reproduce and to regenerate from a single cell.  more…

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Sea Wool Hippospongia lachne This luxurious Sea Wool sponge is super soft and perfect for working up a rich lather for bath and shower body cleansing. Sustainably harvested in the Caribbean Sea and hand processed in UK Sizes available: 4” – 7”. For bathing use: 5 to 6” For baby use: 4” Colour: yellow (bleached) Care: rinse in warm water after every use and allow to dry naturally These sponges can last 6 months to 1 year with normal care. Code: BW/W

Code: BW/W

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