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Military Hair Brush

August 4, 2014

Hydrea London brings you a collection of exceptionally well-made, affordable body brushes made from FSC certified sustainable beechwood. All our brushes are of the highest quality using specially heat treated timber to prevent cracking and finished with double waxing so they are mould resistant and can easily be used in water, saunas and steam rooms – ideal for professional spa use.  more…


A luxury Military Hair Brush with extra stiff black boar bristle to stimulate the scalp and ensure hair is always perfectly groomed. This product in the Hydrea collection of grooming tools for men is created in the old tradition of luxury and quality. It has been expertly crafted from FSC® certified wood and carefullyHand Finished to create a durable yet stylish brush for the discerning gentleman. 
Wood: Beech 
Hand Finished 
Bristles: Boar (Extra Stiff) 

Code: WGS13HB

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