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Merchandising Unit
Our custom made four sided display unit is an elegant design and offers a wealth of products for your customers - in fact over 40 lines of best selling products across the ranges.
private label
Contained in less than a square metre of floor space, this makes it an ideal solution for larger stores and compact retail spaces alike.

This stand offers a comprehensive collection of bath and bodycare with a layout designed for maximum visual impact

We provide the stand to you free on loan accompanied by point of sale leaflets and a full planogram layout.

We are happy to customise the products displayed ensuring a stand that is perfectly tailored to your store

This exciting merchandising solution has proven to successfully increase product sales in our customers' retail spaces, so why not give this stand a try?

Please contact our sales department for further information on this stand or if you have another merchandising requirement for your store.

private label merchandising

We provide a full training guide to our customers who take part in our merchandising schemes which ensures sales staff have all the relevant knowledge of the Hydrea products to pass on to the end customer. This includes:

  •  ·  Where the product is made and what it is made from
  •  ·  The eco-friendly credentials
  •  ·  How to use the product
  •  ·  The body benefits of using Hydrea London products
  •  ·  Why the Hydrea brand is great value for money

The products have been clearly grouped according to their uses and the areas of the body they treat making linked sales easier. With the product and brand knowledge contained in the manual and the high quality nature of the products, staff will be confident in making sales and gaining regular customers.

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