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Is Bad Skin Affecting Your Mental Health?

August 16, 2019

Those of us who know what it’s like to suffer with acne or other skin conditions, the skin can affect more than just your appearance. It can take its toll on your emotional health. Between the lack of information, misdiagnosis and the increasing pressure of social media to appear ‘perfect’, it’s no wonder we’ve become a society where ‘bad’ skin is contributing to our mental health.



When you’re younger, you are always told that spots or acne are common. Its ‘hormones’ or ‘puberty’ – but always something you will grow out of by the time you’re a bit older. However, when you’re in your 20s or 30s, the feeling of shame and embarrassment that comes with having bad skin can be overwhelming. It can cause individuals to feel so much more self-conscious because nobody else is suffering alongside them.


Social media and peoples obsessions with photo-editing apps also isn’t helping. A lot of the time people will create an image of themselves in their head of what they want to look like, whilst editing out their flaws. A big concern with this addiction to filters and editing of photos are the negative effects they could have on mental health. A lot of Snapchat filters blur out blemishes and distort your face to make it slimmer, or give you higher cheekbones, and some can even change your skin colour.


When the filter or airbrushed look is taken away, it will leave you with your natural face which can leave some people feeling down. You spend so long looking at a picture of yourself which isn’t an accurate representation of how you actually look, and this can hit home if you are struggling with a skin condition.



It is said that people with skin conditions are at much greater risk of having clinical depression. Having a skin condition can seriously affect your quality of life. With the lack of information and understanding surrounding the psychological effects of skin conditions, it can be all too easy for the link between the two to go unnoticed.


Even though social media can have negative effects on your mental health, especially when it comes to your skin or appearance, there are some positives. There are a lot of movements around on social media like #skinpositivity and #redefinepretty, which are showing you that its okay to talk about how you feel regarding your skin. Instagram or Snapchat filters won’t cure mental health or skin problems. But speaking or being part of something with people who are going through similar experiences can help. It can provide support and an empathetic ear.



Seeking help for mental health issues isn’t always a simple task, but help is always out there. Finding others who are going through similar situations to your own can be a huge way of helping yourself to get through.



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