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Hydréa London: Sustainable Beauty Products

August 2, 2019

The beauty industry has a massive impact on the planet. According to Zero Waste, more than 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry – much of that not being recyclable. The majority of beauty products come packaged in plastic which can take nearly 1,000 years to decompose. Just from one purchase, there can be plastic wrapping, foam, paper inserts and a whole lot more.

Of all the packaging we can recycle, half of us don’t bother. 56% of Bits don’t recycle beauty products because of the inconvenience, according to research by Garnier. If these plastic items aren’t given a second life then they will simply end up in landfill, or even our oceans.




As a beauty company ourselves, here at Hydréa London we have always focused on producing top quality, functional products, whilst having a strong commitment to ethical and environmental sustainability. We have been officially FSC® certified for many years, which means we have established and are maintaining a chain of custody in a forest certification scheme ensuring all our wooden items come from a sustainable and renewable source in accordance with the procedures and requirements of FSC®. Our Egyptian Loofah is also certified organic. We source and manufacture the majority of our products in Europe to reduce our carbon footprint, and none of our products or ingredients are tested on animals.





9 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Products By Hydréa London


Bamboo Cleansing Mitt

Our luxurious and sumptuous Bamboo Cleansing mitt which is soft enough to be used on the face. Lightweight and durable – a must have natural accessory for a wonderful pampering experience.


Professional Body Brush with Natural Bristle

The bristles on this brush have been specially cut in a curved shape for easy all over brushing. This brush is ergonomically designed with a hand strap for extra control and easy sweeping motions, making it perfect even for professional therapists.

Dry body brushing is one of the simplest and easiest ways to improve your skin tone and well being. It is an ancient practise brushing the whole body with repetitive strokes using a dry natural bristle brush. It helps to remove dead skin cells, while stimulating blood flow and the lymph nodes to deliver nutrients to the skin and banish waste and toxins from the body.


Natural Pumice Foot File

A uniquely curved wooden foot file coated with natural pumice powder for the easy removal of rough, dry and hard skin and calluses, especially on the ball and heel of the foot. The effective exfoliating action reveals smooth, soft skin while boosting circulation to leave feet fresh and revived.


Bamboo Drying Towel Wrap

This super absorbent bamboo wrap is the fast and easy way to dry your hair naturally. The wrap is designed to easily secure your hair in place, allowing you to apply make-up or have a facial while your hair dries. Perfect for the spa, gym, after swimming or when travelling, as well as for using at home.


Organic Egyptian Loofah Bath Mitt

Indulge yourself in some bath time pampering with this luxurious mitt designed for exfoliating skin and boosting circulation. A high quality, useful accessory with the back of it being soft, unbleached Egyptian cotton for gentle cleansing. We only use 100% superior Egyptian Loofah which is organically farmed in Egypt. Egyptian Loofah is highly recommended by professionals for effective skincare due to its thicker, flexible fibres that soften and expand when wet.


Detox Massage Brush

This handheld detox body brush combines rubber nodules and natural bristles to help stimulate the lymphatic system and encourage the removal of toxins while exfoliating and smoothing skin. Use in circular motions on problem areas to improve circulation and help reduce ‘the orange peel effect’. Ideal for preparing the body to cope with detox. The brush helps to reduce cellulite and promote good circulation, with massage nodules to help stimulate blood flow.


Facial Brush

An Eco-friendly facial brush to use as part of your daily beauty care routine. The medium strength bristles are the perfect texture to gently exfoliate and smooth skin for a radiant glow. This is a natural way to deep cleanse pores and stimulate blood flow and to help reduce blemishes, puffiness and fine lines.



Carbonised Bamboo Exfoliating Gloves

These unique gloves may look like ordinary shower gloves, but they are in fact made with a new natural technology that will amaze you with these remarkable health and beauty benefits:

– Releases health giving Anions which helps discharge the body of positive ions we receive from the electronic devices of modern day life.

– Releases far infrared waves which helps energise the body and metabolism and regulates body temperatures. The perfect exfoliating texture washes away dead surface cells while boosting circulation and encouraging skin cell rejuvenation for silky smooth and radiant skin.

– Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and breathable, ensuring these gloves are odour and mildew resistant.

– Strong and long lasting gloves, the positive properties are permanent no matter how many times you use them

– Bamboo is an Eco-friendly and organically grown resource so you can pamper yourself with a clear conscience!


Organic Egyptian Loofah Facial Pad

Use this handy facial pad as part of your daily skincare routine for a radiant, fresh faced appearance. Our organic Egyptian Facial Pad will deep cleanse to unblock pores and remove impurities for clearer skin, while exfoliating to help smooth fine lines and to allow moisture to penetrate for extra hydration.


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