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Christmas Gift Guide 2019: Sustainable and Eco-friendly Gifts

December 2, 2019

Caring for the environment is at the forefront of people’s minds, and that doesn’t exclude the festive season. Have a careful look and consider what sort of gifts you are sharing this year. It might seem hard to find sustainable or eco-friendly Christmas gifts, however it is a lot easier nowadays as brands are becoming increasingly aware of what people want to see from their products.

At Hydréa London, we are fully aware of the environment impacts of a lot of products on the market, therefore we have a strong commitment to ethical and environmentally sustainable procedures in the sourcing and manufacture of our natural bodycare range. We have been officially FSC® Certified for many years, which means we have established and are maintaining a chain of custody in a forest certification scheme ensuring all our wooden items come from a sustainable and renewable source in accordance with the procedures and requirements of FSC®.


Our products are distinctive in terms of:

– Eco-friendliness and sustainability

– Superior products in quality and design

– Luxury

– Functionality, durability and ease of use

– Value for money




Christmas Gift Guide

   1. Professional Body Brush with Cactus Bristles

The bristles on this brush have been specially cut in a curved shape for easy all over brushing. This brush is ergonomically designed with a hand strap for extra control and easy sweeping motions making it perfect for dry body brushing.

The FSC® Certified Body Brush is perfect for use before a bath or shower. Dry body brushing will improve your energy and well-being and is great for the removal of toxins. This body brush can help stimulate circulation, increase lymphatic drainage, remove dead cells and encourage cell renewal. A great exfoliating alternative to microbeads!

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   2. Bamboo Cleansing Mitt

Bring the salon experience home with this Bamboo Gentle Cleansing Mitt, a lightweight and durable mitt with a soft, sumptuous feel. Suitable for all over cleansing, and gentle enough for the face. This eco-friendly and anti-bacterial mitt helps to wash away impurities for brighter, more revitalized skin.

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   3. Bamboo Hair Drying Towel Wrap

This Bamboo Super Soft Hair Drying Wrap is a fast and easy way to dry hair naturally. Made from super-absorbent, eco-friendly bamboo fabric, the towel fits securely around the head, keeping hair in place whilst you apply your makeup or enjoy a facial. Perfect for the home, gym and spa, you can enjoy hassle-free hair drying.

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   4. Organic Egyptian Loofah Mitt

Gently cleanse and slough off dead skin with this Organic Egyptian Loofah Bath Mitt. Backed with soft Egyptian cotton, this soft glove is ideal for invigorating your skin.

Get glowing with this Organic Loofah – massage the skin in circular movements and feel the difference in your skin tone and condition. It’s even 100% organic, sustainable and biodegradable!

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   5. Beechwood Facial Brush

An eco-friendly, FSC® certified facial brush to use as part of a daily beauty care routine. The medium strength bristles are the perfect texture to gently exfoliate and smooth skin for a radiant glow. This is a natural way to deep cleanse pores and stimulate blood flow to help reduce blemishes, puffiness and fine lines.

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