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A Focus on Nature

October 28, 2019

Nature is constantly changing. Earth has completely changed from what it was millions of years ago to now. Beyond the events of nature itself, we are continuously adapting and changing the planet to accommodate our needs through careless actions.

Human-induced environmental issues have been going on for a long time. Deforestation, water pollution and climate change are all affecting nature and wildlife around us. Nature needs to be protected. It is a highly functioning system which provides all life forms, including water, plants and animals, and we depend on all of this for survival.



Nature also allows us to escape from day-to-day life. Escaping to nature, and disconnecting from the material world and reconnecting with nature is so important. Nowadays, we spend most of our time working or using electronic devises, browsing the internet or watching TV, which probably means we don’t get out enough anymore. You are probably aware that spending time in nature is important for you in a variety of ways, but do you take advantage of the benefits?


Spending Time in Nature:

– Boosts happiness

– Improves memory

– Reduces stress

– Improves sleep

– Inspires Creativity



The problems we are facing now are tough. We can all help to save the planet, everyone can play their part. We need to be more conscious of environmental issues, and be willing to take small steps to be able to make a change for the better.


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