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9 Ways To Calm Your Overwhelmed Mind

August 12, 2019

Sometimes we might feel like our minds are in overdrive. Constantly over thinking everything that comes our way and stressing ourselves out about it. We all worry and get upset from time to time. It’s a normal part of life. Being able to acknowledge this and calm yourself in those moments is often easier said than done.

Life is not a competition. Life is hectic sometimes, and dull other times, but you always have to look at the positives. Most people understand and feel the true meaning of life when you give yourself a break. Slow down and enjoy the scenery of life and relax.




   1. Breathe

Breathing is the number one and most effective technique to reduce feelings of anxiety quickly. When you’re feeling anxious, you tend to take quick, shallow breaths. Taking long, deep breaths disrupts the loop that is caused by quick breaths, and helps you calm down.



   2. Take a walk

Walking relieves stress and can help you to feel calm and content. Go for a walk for 10 minutes to clear your mind and help distract it. It’s a lot harder to have negative thoughts and emotions when walking. Walking just for the fun of it is one of the best ways to relax your mind.



   3. Socialise with friends 

Spending time with friends gives you a chance to distract your mind if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Socialising is the key to friendships. Friendships give us emotional support when we need it. It gives us the chance to express our feelings and gather other people’s opinions and thoughts to help you with your struggles.



   4. Listen to music

The next time you start to feel your anxiety creeping up on you, grab some headphones and tune in to your favourite music. Listening to music can have a very calming effect on your body and mind.



   5. Write it down

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, upset or anxious and don’t want to physically talk about it with anyone, grab a journal and write it all down. Don’t worry about punctuation or writing complete sentences – just write. Writing will help to get rid of the negative thoughts in your head – and will help you to feel like you have released those feelings.



   6. Get some fresh air

The temperature of a room can increase your feelings of anxiety or anger. If you’re ever feeling tense and the room you’re in is hot and stuffy, this could trigger a panic attack. Try and remove yourself from that environment as soon as you can and go outside. The fresh air will help to calm your overwhelmed mind, but also the change in scenery can sometimes help to interrupt those thoughts.



   7. Meditation and Mindfulness

A lot of the time when you’re stressed, it’s because you’ve focused on the future. That’s why its important to practise mindfulness and meditation. It helps to focus on what’s happening at that moment. Concentrate on your breathing and your surroundings. Don’t judge your thoughts or feelings. Acknowledge them and continue to breath.



   8. Read a book

Whatever genre you like to read, whether that’s fiction, non-fiction, magazines and so on, make sure you set aside some times in your day to read. Reading wakes up your imagination and stimulates your brain, so ends up redirecting your thought process to take your attention away from your worries and stress.



   9. Take a break with nature

Getting out in nature can help to re-energise and get us back into being productive. It’s also a great way to improve your mental health and helps to get things back in perspective, especially after a busy day.

Taking a break in nature is not only good for stress, but fresh air is good for your mind and body. So go and take a break with nature, breathe in and relax.


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