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5 Ways To Feel Better About Yourself

October 1, 2019

Feeling truly good about yourself means loving the person you are, inside and out. It does take hard work and big adjustments to learn to accept yourself. When you’re feeling down, it can be really hard to pick yourself up and move forward, but how you feel about yourself can really make an impact on your everyday choices.

If you aren’t feeling good about yourself then it can actually stop you from doing things. While it’s normal to feel down once in a while, you don’t want it to take control of your life as it can prevent you from growing. If you want to feel good about yourself then it starts with identifying your thoughts and feelings which might be stopping you from this.

Here are 5 ways to feel better about yourself.





   1. Spend Time Outdoors

Spending time outside can be an instant mood lifter. Being amongst nature can decrease levels of cortisol and decrease your heart rate. Exposure to nature helps to naturally boost levels of serotonin in the brain – the ‘feel good’ chemical in the body. Being outside can also help to strengthen mental health! It has been shown in studies that spending time in nature is strongly linked to lowered depression and stress levels. This has a lot to do with improving your outlook on life and feelings of positivity. Being outdoors automatically gives you a change of environment – so next time you’re feeling down don’t stay cooped up indoors, go outside into the fresh air!





   2. Eat Healthier

Making sure to eat healthy meals every week can increase your mood and make you feel better about yourself. Healthy foods will always be full of nutrients which can help you feel more positive and energetic. When you start eating healthier it can help you to feel better mentally too, which can allow you to handle stress with ease.





   3. Get Rid Of Negative Self-Talk

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. We say things to ourselves that we would never think about saying to a loved one. A huge way to feel better about yourself is to stop the negative self-talk. Positive thinking can increase attentiveness and can increase your mental productivity.





   4. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Your own progress is your journey, and no one else’s, therefore it shouldn’t be compared to anyone else’s. If you end up comparing yourself to others to make yourself feel better then you’ll end up building yourself up by criticizing others rather than basing it on your own achievements. Set your own goals, work towards your own goals and build on your own progress.





   5. Have Me Time

Thinking alone time watching your favourite film or season isn’t good for you? Think again! Quality me time improves your psychological well-being, and can help to improve relationships with family and friends. Having me time is a good way to reset your mind and to remove yourself from everything for a while. When you have alone time it gives you the chance to sit back and look at your life and prioritise what is important. It can help to give you a clear perspective and can allow you to focus.




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