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5 Ways to Create a Positive Mental Attitude

October 23, 2019

Everyone creates negative thoughts in their heads from time to time. In fact, a lot of thoughts can be unpleasant or stressful. Negative thinking is almost always focused on two areas – the past and the future. You relive painful, stressful or frustrating past events or you fret about what the future can hold for you.


Either way, it’s an illusion. The past is gone and the future doesn’t exist yet. However, somehow we’re able to create large amounts of stress and discomfort in non-existent scenarios. Your thoughts produce powerful emotions and these emotions can make your life difficult. Having a positive mental attitude involves making shifts in your mind and recognizing how much control you have over your thoughts.





   1. Create Awareness

Take time to write down your thoughts, and read back over them to understand why you’re feeling the way you are. You can also try putting a band on your wrist as a reminder to notice your thoughts. When you look at the band, take note of your thoughts and feelings and ask yourself what has triggered these thoughts. Paying attention this way will help you to see how much you produce negative thoughts, and can therefore make a conscious effort to change them to positive thoughts.





   2. Practise Daily Gratitude

With negative thoughts, it’s hard to see how great your life is, or could be. To really appreciate how wonderful life really is, you must be intentional about it. Keep a notebook and write down what you’re grateful for each day, as writing tends to reinforce thinking. It’s good to write these things down before you sleep as you fill your mind with positivity before you drift off.





   3. Find Positive People

We tend to take in and reflect the emotions and attitudes of people we spend a lot of time with. If you spend time with people who are quite negative, or who complain and worry a lot of the time, then you are bound to start doing the same. Negativity is a contagious disease. Find people who lift your spirits and who are happy and positive, and spend less time with people who pull you down.





   4. Spend Time with Friends and Family

Time spent with people we love is the best way to promote positive thoughts and attitudes. Be proactive in making time for those you love. Attend more family events, as well as making sure to have one-on-one time with friends and family members.





   5. Have More Fun

Sometimes we can get so caught up in life and the serious moments, that we forget to have fun! When did you last have fun? We need daily fun to help to balance out the stresses of life. Be vigilant about making fun a part of your life.



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