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5 Self-Care Tips for February

February 3, 2020

During the month of love, it’s easy to just focus on showering the relationships in your life with affection and care, but it can be hard to turn those efforts on yourself. Self-care is so important these days when we are all exhausting ourselves with work, but also trying to find the time to care for family and friends, leaving us feeling stressed and drained.

Self-care doesn’t have to be something big or life changing. It doesn’t even have to be something that requires a lot of time or effort. Prioritise things that help you find happiness, recharge energy and nurture your mind, body and soul.




   1. Make Some Me Time

Christmas and the beginning of the New Year is all about spending time with family and friends. You’re in good company and most of us tend to automatically focus our attention on others. Now is the time to properly focus on yourself and make some me-time. Do something to make you feel more relaxed, energised and nourished.





   2. Eat Well

We over indulge in winter months. We want comfort food and cosiness to make us feel better about the weather outside. Try eating more healthy foods and drink a lot of water. Rebalancing your body after all the festive food and unhealthy foods you eat over winter will help you to feel better from the inside out.





   3. Get Your Beauty Sleep

Prioritise getting enough sleep. Create a night time schedule and an ideal sleeping environment, limiting screen time at least half an hour before bed. Make a to do list before you sleep to relax your mind and to let you have a good night’s sleep.





   4. Move More

Introducing some exercise into your daily routine is very good for you, both physically and mentally. Some studies even show that consistent exercise is linked to increased productivity and mental focus. Exercising helps us all to feel less stressed as your body releases endorphins, as well as distracting us for a little while.





   5. Clear The Clutter, Clear Your Mind

I’m sure we’re all guilty of keeping unnecessary things in our life. Clothes, shoes, bags, skincare and beauty products – when we never even use them! Declutter your room and think about what you really wear, use and need. Having a clean environment to live in will help to clear your mind, give you a fresh outlook and help you to enjoy peace and order. This will allow you to focus your energy on more important things, and will free up time and space in your life.


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